CEO Introduction

The main sources of NEONEXSoft Co. Ltd. are people and technology

Innovative Solution & e-Business Leader

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Upon its establishment in 2004, NEONEXSoft is providing its best effort to supply safe and trustworthy IT Solution (Contact Center Solution, IoT (M2M) Solution, Integrated Control Solution, and Healthcare Solution) through endless research and development.

Our endeavor is to increase our customer service through our technical skills, and that the increase of customer service will lead to customer trust of our products. Not only will we develop externally, but to establish a honest business structure, and for the customers and members of NEONEXSoft to grow simultaneously.

We promise, with our customer’s interest and trust, that we will become a business that strides with technology, provides effort, and although small, to strive to become a powerful company.

NEONEXSoft Co. Ltd. CEO   Choi, Byeongsu