What is NEONEXSoft?

Company Outline

Innovative Solution & e-Business Leader
NEOEXSoft Co. Ltd., offers an integrated IT service through various service establishments, and will continue to provide trustworthy, innovative, and stable solutions through endless research and development.

In 2004, NEONEXSoft was established as a contact center company, holding IVR, video IVR, recordings, web fax, and other solutions in relation to the field. We are experienced with having established solutions for variety of customers including those in the field of finance, distribution, IT, manufacturing, and public office.

Today, we possess and offer solutions for variety of sectors including IoT (M2M) Solution, Integrated Control Solution, Smart IVR & Smart Consulting Solution, Unmanned Security Control Solution, Location Control Solution, and Healthcare Solution that emerged through many research and investments. Moreover, we have various SI Business establishment experiences such as Open API, Consulting System, Web Service, Information sharing, and currently we are investing and continuously researching on smartphone applications.

NEONEXSoft Co. Ltd. is providing its best efforts to provide customer satisfaction and trustworthy products through endless research and development. We promise to always be next to our customers, improving the quality of our products through advance in technology, and hope that these quality products will directly lead to trust of our company.

We will continue to grow our competency to provide the best service to our customers, and will ceaselessly focus on investing and pioneering our industry by applying new technology to our products.

Business Philosophy

Innovative Solution & e-Business Leader
Creating business value through trust and confidence

Field of Business

Innovative Solution & e-Business Leader
Offering integrated IT service through various service establishment

Global Business
Focusing on various industries to provide overseas solution and service development in order to become the core business for next generation

Establishing planning and infrastructure for new services that fit the needs of wireless/cable service, new paradigm service, and customers

Create a business value by possessing competitiveness to represent IT business as the next generation core business leader

Develop professional solutions to maximize efficiency of business resources

Human Resource
Establish creative and enterprising human infrastructure that corresponds with the business philosophies

Organization Chart

Innovative Solution & e-Business Leader
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