Contact Center Solution

WebFax (NEOFax)

By grafting the previous fax system to network environment, it contributes to business task efficiency and cost reduction

What is NEOFax?

NEOFax, as NEONEXSoft’s Fax System, was developed to simplify tasks related to faxing and to reduce human/material loss to minimal through efficient method of management, and to maximize business philosophies through precise and systematic management. NEOFax system is able to directly send files that have been produced by document producing tools, and reduce the time of sending and printing a document, as well as have the ability to send without any relation to the recipient’s situation, and amount of transmitting and receiving fax documents.

Benefits of NEOFax

Fax Document Security Management
Preview function, watermark function, payment function which increase the security of fax work
Receiving Fax Document Management Function
Able to manage inbox based on user, along with the function of additional management within each of these inbox
Fax Work Efficiency and Cost Reduction
Various transmitting/receiving function which offer the environment of a no-fax machine, which lead to work efficiency and cost reduction
Various Document File Supported
Able to send various type of document files (DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, HWP, GUL, TXT, JPG, TFT, etc.)
Monitoring and Statistics Function
Offers real time monitoring and statistics function so that the administrator can quickly and precisely manage the situation
Expansion and Safety
Offers extraordinary expansion and safety through the use of standardized module

Fields NEOFax is Applied

Normal Office

Public Office

Card,Insurance,Business Format Sending Service

Security Transmission Management

Various Fax Order and Notice

ERP Connected Fax Transmission

Collective Order System

Clean up of Fax Document Storage

Composition of NEOFax

NEOFax Manager

Offers fax transmission manager by interconnecting with DocMaster, and DevMaster

NEOFax DocMaster

Offers the function of transmitting and receiving fax documents using telecommunication netowkr (TDM, VOIP)

NEOFax DevMaster

Offers the function of transmitting and receiving fax documents using telecommunication netowkr (TDM, VOIP)

NEOFax PopupServer

Offers function of posting fax transmission detail to users

NEOFax WebClient

Offers function of fax transmission, delivery and movement, resend, and payment online

NEOFax PopupClient

Offers function of sending all printable documents to user’s PC by using the popup function regarding user’s fax transmission and delivery result


Offers equipment condition, service condition, channel condition, etc.. to be remotely measured through NEOFax Server’s movement condition monitoring application


Offers ability to create statistics and reports through statistics application to run NEOFax