Contact Center Solution


By offering trustworthy and advanced recording function, we improve customer response service, and contributes to efficient human resource management.

What is NEOVoice?

NEVoice, as NEONEXSoft’s recording system, supports analog/digital/IP recording, and possesses safe management, flexible expandable ability, effective recording function, etc. NEOVoice offers various statistics and back-up functions and is able to easily find/listen to information.

Benefits of NEOVoice

Various Recording Methods
Supports voice, video, screen, and various recording methods
Contact Center Middleware
Able to cope with service environment change by being connected to various contact center middleware and intimate structure
Offers the function of automatic synchronization of consultant’s information and recording file upon a consultant moving seats
Various searches and statistics function
Offers various search functions and statistics and monitoring function
Dualization of Recorded Information
Offers the ability to recover lost data by double storing recorded information to DB and recorded file
Real-Time Online Monitoring
Ability to monitor real-time telephone conversation online
Consulting Review Function
Offers the function of being able to review telephone conversations
Recorded File Back-up Function
Offers the function of backing-up a file by hosting it on various mediums to solve the limitation of file preservation time
Screen Recording Function
Offers the function of recording a video of consultant’s screen during a consulting session

Fields Where NEOVoice is Applied

Contract Verification Reference

Reservation Information Storage

Order Payment Verification Reference

Stock Order Verification Reference

Real-Time Emotions

Consultant Review

Consulting Breakdown Management

Consulting Breakdown Management

Composition of NEOVoice

NEOVoice Server

Offers saving/managing service related to customer phone call recording

NEOVoice Player

Offers an application that enables produced recorded files to be found and listened to on the web, as well as offering additional function of real time listening, search history, and change in Wave


Offers backup/managing function of produced recorded data to external storing medium (HDD, DVD, DAT, etc.)


Offers ability to create statistics and reports through statistics application to run NEOVoice


Offers equipment condition, service condition, channel condition, etc.. to be remotely measured through NEXFlow Server’s movement condition monitoring application