IOT (M2M) Solution

Unmanned Control Solution (NEXPector Safe)

By installing up to date unmanned security equipments, it prevents crimes by being on duty 24/7

NEXPector Safe Flow Chart

Benefits of NEXPector Safe

Condition Surveillance and Control
Offers condition surveillance and control by analyzing security equipment event information
Reduction of Management Cost
Reduces management cost by incorporating wireless network flat rate
Real Time monitoring
Able to monitor equipments real time
Real Time Situation Information
Offers real time situation information through SMS/PUSH function
Agent Dispatch Service App
Offers agent dispatch service through smart phone app
Statistics Data
Offers statistics data by incorporating collected data
Request for Related Organization Support
Requests for related organization support, such as the police, and fire station, depending on the situation

Example of NEXPector Safe Being Applied

Web Integrated Control Center Situation Submission

Mobile Agent Dispatch App