Integrated Control Solution

Integrated Control Solution (NEXPector)

Contributes security of system management and efficiency by strong monitoring data sharing

What is NEXPector?

NexPector, as a monitoring system of NEONEXSoft, offers management of server system’s hardware and software condition and equipments that support SNMP. Moreover, it couples with NEONEXSoft’s product class to monitor detailed movement and offers various other additional functions and statistics necessary for management.

Benefits of NEXPector

Large Memory Monitoring (Dispersion System)
Through automatic dispersing system, upon its initiation, it automatically increases the system to enable over 10,000 simultaneous monitoring
Connected System Monitoring
Able to prevent errors beforehand by connecting the possible main system errors by managing the connected system
Integrated Monitoring (SMS & NMS)
By integrating SMS and NMS, it enables network system and service to be monitored together
Web Based System Management and Monitoring
Web based NEXPector Admin, Watcher, Dashboard’s inteface structured to be user based, leading to an excellent accessibility
Various Product Class Monitoring
By providing system monitoring and networking monitoring together, it enables the monitoring of various products
Various Error Diffusion
It diffuses Alarm function by connecting with E-mail, SMS, and ACS upon an error
Various and Detailed Monitoring
Through various monitoring methods (Agent, SNMP, ICMP, etc.) it enables various and detailed monitoring
Error Prevention
By setting up a critical setting function, it prevents potential errors
UI Based on User
Offers UI based on user through component based web structure
History Management and Reporting
By managing the history, it is able to identify potential errors, and offers an analysis of repots based on monitoring information

Components of NEXPector

Agent Manager

  • Monitors the process, service, and window event of the target
  • Offers monitoring of target’s process and services that leave log files
  • Offers function of monitoring various file names and log patterns

SNMP Manager

  • Supports monitoring of pirating and service condition of equipments that support agents, and detects and provides an analysis of real time SNMP trap information

ICMP Manager

  • Offers ICMP monitoring of all equipments with IP information
  • Offers 10,000 ICMP monitoring within a minute through the use of our own Job Schedule technique

Login Manager

  • By grasping each manager’s load and traffic, the system undergoes the process of load dispersion

Noti Manager

  • Upon an error occurring, it diffuses the error through system integration