Integrated Control Solution

Wireless Integrated Control Solution(NEXPector AIR)

By offering a wireless network connected network equipment and various terminal monitoring, it enables quick measures upon an error discovery

What is NEXPector AIR?

NEXPector AIR is a Starthing Platform based wireless integrated control system that offers integrated control system with devices and terminals connected with wireless network

Benefits of NEXPector AIR

Large Memory Monitoring (Dispersion System)
Through automatic dispersing system, upon its initiation, it automatically increases the system to enable over 10,000 simultaneous monitoring
Wireless Equipment Management Function
By offering a remote wireless firmware update function, it facilitates the addition and changing of network equipment function
Report Creation
Offers the creation of various reports to get a full analysis of system management
Web Based System Management and Monitoring
Web based NEXPector Admin, Watcher, Dashboard’s interface structured to be user based, leading to an excellent accessibility
Optimization Through Wireless Network
Offers service optimized for LTE/WCDMA by designing networking method, protocol, monitoring method optimized for wireless telecommunication network
Various and Detailed Monitoring
Through various monitoring methods (Agent, SNMP, ICMP, etc.) it enables various and detailed monitoring
Reduction of Communication Cost
Offers minimal amount of cost that can be offered by a wireless telecommunication network
Error Prevention
By setting up a critical setting function, it prevents potential errors
Increased Security
By applying SEED password method within the protocol, it secures telecommunication security and is suitable for personal information security
Remote Control and MDM
It enables equipment rebooting and environment setting information change through remote control and through the use of MDM function, it can get rid of the equipment’s illegal use upon being stolen

Components of NEXPector AIR

Examples of NEXPector AIR Being Applied


Real Time Control