Welfare System

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NEONEXSoft rank and promotion system runs on soft and flexible organization operating plan based solely on capabilities and aims to operate with adequate compensation of individual members of the capabilities and performance, and for human resource management.


NEONEXSoft is supporting a range of benefits for the welfare of its employees

Five-day work week / 4 social insurances / health screenings

Island Vacation
Year, monthly payments, and holiday gifts

Club activities
Alpine club, football, etc. Clubs are regularly supported with activity cost

Reward for long-term employees
Reward or special holiday for only every five years long term employees

Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle maintenance, parking cost, and gas cost supported upon project specification

Transportation Cost
Work hour extension / business trip / outside work transportation fee is supported

Communication Cost
Communication cost is supported based on work

Family Event
Family vacation, wreath, flowers supported during family events

Performance Remuneration

Each year, we operate systemic performance remuneration for all divisions based on fair standards.

Annual salary
We provide incentives based on job performance of each division

Educational Development

We are implementing educational development system to improve self-development and business ability

We provide educational development costs and spending of books