Recruiting Announcements

Innovative Solution & e-Business Leader
NEONEXSoft is looking for young talent that puts emphasis on teamwork among members with a proactive attitude and flexible thinking

Occasional Jobs

* Check the job description and qualifications

SIBusiness Division

Java Developer Business: Development and Deployment Solutions
Qualifications: Capable of Java development
Experiences: More than 5 years of Java development
Contact: E-mail (
Android Developers Business: Development and Deployment Solutions
Requirements: Android Development Environment Capability
Career: New / Experienced
Contact: E-mail (
Contact Center Division Developer Solutions Qualifications: IVR, VRS, FAX Preferred Solution Developer

NMS (Network and Systems Monitoring) Preferred Developer
C/C++ Development skills essential CTI relevant preferential experienced
Contact: E-mail (
Solution Developer
Qualifications: JSP/JAVA WEB Developer

CTI Solutions WEB related experience preferred

Contact: E-mail (
Building Solutions Business: Building solutions and technical support
Eligibility: call center building project experienced preferred

PM/PL experience preferred
C/C++ development skill preferred
Contact: E-mail (
Sales Division IT Sales Service: Sales/Sales management
Eligibility: IT Sales related experience preferred
Career: New/Experienced
Contact: E-mail (
Business Support Center Secretary, Office Management/Accounting Assistant Service: Office management and accounting assistant secretary (written documents, etc.)
Eligibility: New/Experienced (No restrictions)
Contact: E-mail (

Recruitment Process

Recruitment procedure is as follows: We look forward to many young talents

If the field of desire is not recruiting, do not hesitate to send us an email. After reviewing, we will contact you.

Primary Round

Document Review

Secondary Round

Executive Interview

Final Round

Individual Advice