Contact Center Consulting & Establishment

Contact Center Consulting and Establishment Service?

Contact Center Consulting

NEONEXSoft is in possession of a huge volumes (huge volumes of data) of data derived from high understanding of maintaining contact centers and years of various experiences. We offer a contact center consulting and establishment based solely on our assets.

Contact Center Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive and systematic consulting service based on professional knowledge, by analyzing the problems of service quality, consultant education, service mind, maintenance efficiency, and other sectors

Contact Center Establishment

Offers a consulting service optimized for customer’s request based on know-hows and various contact center maintenance experiences through new establishment and pre-established contact center acceleration.

Contact Center Consulting Process

Current Condition Diagnosis and Data Collection

Inspection and Interview

Data and Condition Analysis


Deduct Issues and Areas of Improvement

Take into consideration the market trend

Deduct Conclusion / Recommendation

Present a vision

Present a vision

Analyze demand and design

Application development and customizing

Optimization and safety

Demonstration drive and conversion

Test operation and education