Innovative Solution & e-Business Leader
Since its establishment in 2004, Neonexsoft has been active in a variety of fields including contact center solutions, IoT (M2M) solutions, integrated control solutions, and health care solutions.


  • Partnership Contract with LG Electronics for B2B Solustion Business.
  • Smart city TTA Certified.


  • Partnership Contract with MOXA(Taiwan) for industrial network equipment.
  • MOU with Hanwha System for Defense IoT Business.
  • MOU with Insung National Co., Ltd. for Private SI sector (Smart City, Smart Factory, Local government business).
  • Signed a contractor with VIVA&S – ARCOS RPA as exclusive distributor


  • Release of IoT(M2M) Integrated Platform (Starthing).


  • Through communication network choice, patented communication linking method, device, computer readable media, and computer programs.
  • Appointed as fast growing business by Small and Medium Business Association


  • Released Unmanned Duty Solution (ENXPector Safe)
  • Released IoT(M2M) Integrated Platfrom Starthing
  • Released HealthCare Integrated Platform (HealthCube)
  • Patented call center service method and system through the Web
  • Patented network administration method through the use of wireless network


  • Certified as venture company and certified by INNO-BIZ
  • Established business research center
  • Released Wireless Integrated Control Solution (NEXPector AIR)
  • Released Location Control Solution (NEXPector LBS)
  • Patented call center service method and system


  • Released Smart IVR & Smart Consulting Solution (Smart Escort Solution)
  • Vitzrosys – Signed an agreement regarding product supply and business collaboration


  • Signed with SK Telink for Korea representative phone ARS service collaboration
  • Signed with G&Net for product cooperative business
  • Signed with G&Net for product cooperative business
  • Certified as venture company
  • Registered as software licensee


  • Released Special Destination Vehicle Control Solution through smart phone (Smart-VCS Solution)
  • Released Integrated Control Solution (NEXPector Solution)


  • Released Video IVR Solution (NEXFlow IVVR Solution)
  • Registered as location based service
  • Certified as research development exclusive department


  • Signed solution supply agreement with Digital On Net
  • Signed solution supply agreement with Solutech
  • Signed solution supply agreement with eSumTech


  • Sigend solution supply agreement with VoiceCommunication


  • Released Recording Solution (NEOVoice Solution)
  • Released Fax Solution (NEOFax Solution)


  • Released Consulting Solution (NEOAgent Solution)
  • Signed solution supply agreement and business collaboration with Samsung Open Tide China


  • Released IVR Solution (NEOXFlow Solution)
  • Founded NEONEXSoft Co. Ltd.