Contact Center Solution

Smart IVR & Smart Consulting

By offering consulting optimized for smart phones, we offer increase of quality in customer service as well as reducing cost from reduced consulting time

What is Smart Escort?

Smart Escort is a smart consulting system for smart phones that incorporates the use of the Web to supply a interactive consulting. Moreover, is it a next-generation consulting system as it connects with the IVR server, offering GUI environment.

Benefits of Smart Escort

Various Environment Support
Support various smart phone such as iPhone, iPad, Android
By connecting with IVR, it can be used to GUI environment rather than IVR recording
PBX/Contact Center Server/Consultant Application Connection
By connecting with contact center systems, it automatically connects a customer with a consultant
Standalone Mode Support
Offers function of connecting with contact center while making inquiries without the connection of a contact center
Dialer Connection Function
Offers the function of automatically starting an app upon installing the application and designating contact center phone number
Screen Sharing
Offers the function of sharing customer’s screen with a consultant
Consulting Detail Delivery
Offers the function of delivering information/image or URL sent by the consultant through changing of screens

Fields Smart Escort is Applied

Remote Consulting


Phone Order System

Accident Report System


Card, Insurance Service

Other Guide Service

Main Functions of Smart Escort

Smart IVR Function

Smart IVR breaks away from simple voice ARS service, encourage customer’s Self Service by being able to easily look at and hear information desired by the customer, without being connected to a consultant

Smart Consulting Function

Smart Consulting enables sharing of information and data real time. This increases customer satisfaction and efficient customer service by increasing customer understanding and focus.