Contact Center Solution


IVR (ARS, NEXFlow) system contributes to a variety of business values through increase in business image and cost reduction that leads to increase of profit, all derived from customer satisfaction

What is NEXFlow?

NEXFlow, as an optimized IVR System, analyzes scenarios and offers voice/video services, and as the ability to actively handle various situations

Benefits of NEXFlow

Produce convenient scenarios
Offers the ability to produce easy and quick scenarios through GUI environment scenario producing application
Continuous Service
Offers continous service through real-time/reserved scenarios
Scenario Centralized Development
Offers system expansion and safety through external interface module and technology verification
Efficiency of Operation
By offering system movement related statistics, it increases efficiency
System scalability and reliability
We provide system scalability and reliability through external interface modularization and verification of functions
Operational efficiency
We improve efficiency by providing various statistics related to system operation
Real-Time Monitoring
Offers real-time monitoring function so that the administrator can make quick and precise decisions regarding service condition
Various Network Environment Support
Supports various network environments such as analog, digital, VOP, etc

Fields Where NEXFlow is Applied


Stock Trading Service

Card, Insurance Service

Voice Mailbox

Public Institution Promotion and Guide

Reservation, Order Payment Service

Normal Business Promotion and Guide

Other Various
Guide Service

Composition of NEXFlow

NEXFlow Server

Offers various forms of voice/video service by analyzing scenarios that have been created by scenario producing applications through IVR & IVVR service offered applications

NEXFlow Builder

With GUI (Graphic User Interface)application which has the ability to produce scenarios, it will enable scenarios produced by NEXFlow Builder to run without external programs, and be applied real-time on NEXFlow Server


Offers ability to create statistics and reports through statistics application run by NEXFlow


Offers equipment condition, service condition, channel condition, etc.. to be remotely measured through NEXFlow Server’s movement condition monitoring application