Health Care Consulting & Establishment

What is Healthcare service?

NEONEXSoft operates healthcare service, health and the cube independently and releases the HealthCube platform to healthcare equipment companies and mobile / web service providers in order to provide a variety of additional services. Based on this, we provide consulting and implementation services for the healthcare business.

What is HealthCube Service?

Integrated platform for the healthcare service that consists of a health care information acquisition system for interworking with a healthcare equipment, the remote control / system configuration, the information providing system for the company providing services, the settlement / additional service system for the service.

Healthcare Equipment Connection

Fitness Cube is interlocked and provides an open standards protocol that can be linked to a variety of healthcare equipment fitness equipment Cube web / mobile app services, 3rd party applications, and services are the only equipment manufacturer applications.

For HealthCube connecting information, please contact
Please contact us at (02-851-5001).

Healthcare associated services development

Fitness Cube is providing a restful-based open information services to provide a variety of services based on information collected from the interlocking wide range of equipment, the licensees may freely use the information. (Approval from its respective company is necessary to request sharing of information with external public limited company)

For HealthCube service connection, please contact
Please contact us at (02-851-5001)

Healthcare consulting and establishment service

The cube, on the basis of health systems development and operational experience, provides consulting and implementation services for the establishment of private healthcare services to customers.  It offers quick and reliable establishment service based on HealthCube corresponding needs and environments of customers.